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Portable Grand Piano Shell
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Hire Baby Grand Piano Shell

We know that nothing quite beats the appeal of an acoustic grand piano but if your chosen venue doesn’t have one, what are you to do? Now, with our fabulous portable baby grand piano shell, we’ve made it possible for everyone to enjoy the glamour of a grand piano. Just think how this could transform your wedding, party or community event – you could even put our piano shell in your front room!

Lightweight and easily transportable, this clever design will bring style and prestige to any occasion, giving your event the ‘wow’ factor.   And, the great news is, unless you look very closely both you and your guests would never know it wasn’t a real baby grand piano!

What is a Portable Baby Grand Piano Shell?

Well, it’s really an elaborate keyboard stand shaped as a grand piano. A kind of baby grand piano cabinet with a shiny high-gloss engineered polyester finish, which houses an electric keyboard within it.  So it looks just like a real grand piano and, with our digital stage piano popped inside, it sounds just like a concert grand too!

How Large Is the Piano Shell?

We’re often asked how large the piano shell is and how much space it requires.

The shell measures: Width: 146 cm x Height: 30cm (with legs folded in) x Depth: 100 cm.  It’s easily transportable, lightweight and with folding legs, it can be assembled in less than 5 minutes and will fit into small spaces.  It requires only a little more space than a digital keyboard in that it’s one metre in depth.

Will The Piano Shell Fit In My Car?

As a guide, the shell fits in a Ford Focus, Volkswagen Golf  and a Volkswagen Polo (just).  Nissan Qashqai or similar – with ease. Please measure your boot before collecting our shell!

What Colour Are Your Piano Shells?

White!  We have several shells and they are all white.  It’s by far the most glamorous and popular colour available.  We’re hoping to add red and silver sparkle to our collection in the near future.

Baby Grand Piano Shell Hire Options

We offer two options of piano shell hire.  Our Gold option is for a professional pianist to come and play at your chosen venue with the shell and all other necessary equipment.  Our silver option is dry-hire only (see our terms & conditions).  The uses for this wonderful shell creation are endless: enhance your concert, wedding, theatre production, school play or festival today.

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White Piano Shell
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Contact us today to see how we can transform the look of your chosen venue with our portable white baby grand.

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